Pay for College

Understand the cost of college.

Discover the True Cost

The cost of college can vary widely based on your family’s income.

Free Money for College

The FAFSA could be your ticket to receiving federal and state money.

Understand Financial Aid

Make smarter financial decisions about college.

The True Cost of College

Don’t let the sticker price of college discourage you from your dreams.

The “true cost” of a college education is largely based on your location and household income. Other factors such as grades, ACT and SAT scores can also greatly affect your aid package. Try our award-winning tool to find your true cost of college and compare schools.


FAFSA and Free Money

Roughly $46 billion is awarded each year in the form of grants and scholarship money.

Completing the FAFSA will open the door to these funds provided by the U.S. Department of Education. There are also countless state-level and institutional scholarships that are competitively up for grabs. Are you ready to find free money for college?


Understand Financial Aid

Are you confused by your college financial aid award letter? You’re not alone.

Financial aid award letters are often difficult for families to understand. Each college has a different way of describing how much a student or family is expected to pay. What awards are free? What will I have to pay back? Make the smarter decision using our financial aid calculator.